Do you own a spa?

 image by Jordan Michael Davis

image by Jordan Michael Davis

Do you want help to create a fully holistic environment for a fully detoxing experience for your clients, beginning with the food? Are you feeding the soul from the inside out or just masking it with products? Do you want it to be beautiful so they come back again and again?



Who are we?

We are Kate & Katy. Katy owned an organic cafe for 6 years and knows how to feed the skin & Kate knows how to make everything beautiful. Plus we know acupuncturists to herbalists and we know our tumeric latte's from our matcha latte's. 

From organic sourdough loaves, organic juices or organic salads using ingredients to detoxify the liver, we can can help you to provide your clients with food that makes them beautiful from the inside. Plus everything we will help you to provide your customers with, will look beautiful as well as taste amazing, so they feel like they've been well and truly pampered.




Alcohol & sugar

Do your clients want a little treat with their lunch? We understand that sometimes people want a glass of wine or prosecco with their lunch. Especially if they're coming as a treat or a weekend getaway. But do you know that sugar & alcohol dehydrate the skin? Sugar also prevents the skins elasticity and so can cause stretch marks. But what if you could provide your clients with an organic prosecco with no added sugar? Well we could sort that for you. We can also create a dessert list with no refined sugar or even sugar-free. We can even create a vegan one too!



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